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Potent cannabinoid receptor agonist with mild selectivity for CB2 (Ki values are 2.94 and 9.0 nM for CB2 and CB1 receptors respectively)

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JWH-018 CB2 agonist

JWH-018 is a mildly selective agonist of the peripheral cannabinoid (CB2) receptor, derived from the aminoalkylindole WIN 55,212-2.

. The Ki values for binding central cannabinoid (CB1) and CB2 receptors are 9.0 and 2.94 nM, respectively, for a CB1:CB2 ratio of 3.06.1 Its effects on suppression of spontaneous activity, maximum possible antinociceptive effect in the tail-flick assay, and rectal temperature are comparable to those of WIN 55,212-2 when tested in rats.

It is a research chemical that belongs to the naphthoylindole family. JWH-081 as all the other research chemicals in the JWH group is a synthetic cannabinoid with analgesic effects.Its full chemical name is 4-methoxynaphthalen- 1-yl- (1-pentylindol- 3-yl)methanone with chemical formula as C25H25NO2 and molecular mass 371.47 g/mol.

Spontaneous physical sensations

JWH-018’s “body high” can be described as a warm, soft, and often full-body tingling sensation that spreads throughout the body.
It has a consistent presence that quickly rises with the onset and reaches its limit once the peak is reached before dissipating.
It is frequently described as having a synthetic feel and not being as pleasant or encompassing as the body high provided by traditional cannabis.
When compared to the effects of natural cannabinoids, the JWH-018 body high has been described by some as slightly anxiety-inducing or even downright uncomfortable.


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Because of their reported cannabis-like effects, the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) used its emergency scheduling authority to temporarily control five chemicals: JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200, CP-47497, and cannabicyclohexanol (CP-47497 C8), also known as “Spice,” “K2,” or “synthetic cannabinoids.”
JWH-250 is a frequent contaminant, and HU-210 was already under control, thus they were included in the study.
We present the first analytical approach for determining these chemicals simultaneously in oral fluid samples collected with the QuantisalTM device utilizing solid-phase extraction and liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometer.
The procedure was validated and tested on samples from two people who bought synthetic substances while they were still legal in the United States.
The peak concentration of JWH-018 found 20 minutes after smoking “Blueberry Posh” was 35 g/L, and JWH-018 was remained detectable 12 hours after a single consumption.
JWH-018 was discovered 20 minutes after a single session of smoking “Black Mamba,” with a peak concentration of 5 g/L.
After 12 hours, the chemical was undetectable in this patient.

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